A long tradition in global trading

Comarco is the last latest development in a professional tradition in the international trading of commodities dating back (more than) 65 years.

Comarco researches and distributes raw materials, and operates as a partner with Mining Companies, Manufacturers and Processors, covering all aspects of international trade: commercial, logistic, financial, including the most complex hedging and arbitrage activities, as well as overall management of Trade Finance operations.

The Comarco Group also includes companies specialized in the international trade of industrial components and consumers’ goods.


Founded in 1992, as a direct emanation of Victoria Spa, in business since 1954, Comarco is a Service Company.

All trading activities are conducted on behalf of the Client and coordinated via the Trading Desk of the Group Associate Victoria SpA.
Comarco handles financial control and back-office management internally.

Operational Ethics

Comarco performs all international purchases, sale transactions and related activities in its own name and under its responsibility.

However, in its nature as a Service Company, this occurs solely under contractual agreements established with the Client Company.

Due to this policy, Comarco excludes any speculative activity in the context of its operations and refrains from having, at any time, open positions in any of the goods involved in its activity.


On behalf of the Client, Comarco provides all commercial services (purchase, sale, hedging, transport and storage, as well as trade finance) related to the international trading of goods.

Areas of activity

Non-ferrous minerals and metals
, Coffee, Cocoa, Sugar, Commodity Futures, Commodity Price Risk, Management, Trade Finance



Controlled Companies

COFERC Srl - International trading of Industrial components for land and marine

G&O Srl - International trading of consumer’ goods

Associate Companies

Victoria Srl - International commodity brokers


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