Worldwide Commodity Trading
Comarco research and distribute raw materials around the world as a leading supplier to the industry both at the producing end, to the processing industry and to the final users, covering all the aspects of trading. From the purchase and sale down to even the most complex activities, such as the active management of price risks and structured trade finance operations.

The Group also includes companies specialized in international trade of industrial components and consumers' goods.
Founded in 1992, Comarco qualifies a Services Company. Trading is conducted on Client’s appointment. Trading activities are conducted via the trading Desk of the Group Associate Victoria Spa. Finance, control and back office internally at Comarco.

Trade Ethics
The Company is a Principal in all its market activity, but qualifies as a Service Company, conducting all purchases and sales in its own name and responsibility but based on a set of services agreed with the Client Company. Due to its nature of service Company, Comarco makes a point of not operating as a speculator or having, at any time, an open position in any of the traded commodities.
Comarco offer a one-step transaction through which the Client Company receives, included in the sale or purchase invoice of goods, the value extracted from even the most complex industrial and commercial cycles through a packaged set of underlying trade services (purchase and sale of goods, related hedging, currency arbitraging. stock carrying and trade finance) carried out by Comarco in its own name and under its own contractual responsibility.

Fields of activity

Non ferrous minerals and metals
Commodity Futures
Commodity Price Risk Management
Trade Finance
Controlled Companies
International trading of land and marine industrial components.
G&O Srl
International trading of consumers’ goods.

Associated Companies
Victoria Spa
International commodity brokers

COMARCO - Compagnia Generale di Commercio, Arbitraggio e Coperture S.p.A.
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Tel: +39 010 53 86 300

COMARCO is member of
Victoria-Comarco Group of Companies
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