Advanced System of
Price Risk
Price Risks
and Variability
A well-run industrial, commercial or financial process needs some systems of control and cost management.

When this process includes significant percentages of raw materials and, even more, of Commodities whose reference price is set daily in a Futures Exchange, the problems that the management has to face and solve every single day are those of price volatility, difficulties in inventory management, difficulties of value evaluation and protection inside the industrial process, correct determination of the fair value in the financial statements, and, ultimately the risk of having to take charge, in an inadequately planned or controlled manner, costs, price changes, loss of opportunities and profit taking that the competitors may instead control, and benefit from, in the appropriate manner.
Risk Control and
Extraction of Value

Comarco’s offer addresses and solves these problems through a set of highly original and innovative solutions collectively called Price Risk Management, able to afford to the Management the control of what was before hardly controllable, uncertain and difficult to determine and, more than anything else, to extract the implied values that every international contract of raw materials contains.

The innovation and the strength of the formulation of Comarco is that this does not offer complex hedging instruments that the client company is then left alone to implement inside its own structure, with all the negative side effects and difficulties that this may imply.

Instead, Comarco frees up the client company from the need to do it in person. by assuming in its own the agreed group of risks and returning them normalized in the way it has contractually committed to, inclusive the profit margin of Comarco.

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