Advanced Price Management Systems

Controlling the disorder, converting it into value

Sudden variations in the prices of raw materials and currency exchange rates can dismantle any industrial process and turn it into pure speculation chance.

Comarco protects the added value of the industrial process and extracts and returns the implicit values contained in the financial and commercial articulations in which it is expressed.

Price risk and variability

Every economic process requires reliable cost control and cost management systems.

Whenever a significant percentage of the cost is made up of commodities, whereby a price is established daily by the Futures Exchange and often denominated in foreign currencies, problems of price volatility, difficulties in inventory management and value evaluation of the raw material within the industrial process may occur. Subsequently, this may affect the sale of the products negatively and complicates the determination of the fair value in the financial statements.

Ultimately, there is a risk of losing control of a significant portion of costs, with potentially very damaging consequences in the presence of rare, but recurrent, extreme price movements.

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Risk control and value extraction

Comarco deals with such challenges for the Client through a complete package of operations defined operations, overall, as Price Risk Management. Through these operations, thanks to our contracts of simple formulation and control, we put the Management in charge of what before was uncontrollable, uncertain and difficult to determine.

Comarco assumes the risks of its Clients and returns a normalized price flow according to specific needs. Monitoring the result involves the verification of a single document and of the money flow, which produces the contractually agreed effect.

In many cases, Comarco's intervention generates and returns value by exploiting the opportunities offered by the financial structures used, improving the Client's net worth.